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The initial visit to our chiropractic center consists of a comprehensive consultation, orthopedic and neurological examination including motion assessment with motion palpation analysis of your spinal column. Patients who have had complete spinal x-rays taken within one year of the date of this examination must sign a release (by fax or in person) so that we may request them from the appropriate facility. If previous x-rays are not available, we have a board certified x-ray technician on staff that will assist you with x-rays taken at our chiropractic center.

The following visit, Dr. Swanson will discuss the x-ray findings and explain the course of care you will receive with the Gaitlink approach. You are encouraged to bring your spouse or a relative to this meeting so they may better understand our treatment procedure. Treatment will begin on this visit.

The Gaitlink approach follows specific patterns that trigger the body to stabilize itself naturally. Dr. Swanson will restore normal motion to the spine and extremities with gentle treatments which require low force to make the corrections needed.

Dr. Swanson has “preferred provider” status for most major insurance companies and is approved to treat Labor and Industries patients in the state of Washington. He also provides treatment for motor vehicle accident (ie.whiplash) patients and accepts Medicare Plan B. New patients are advised to bring their insurance information or insurance card to the initial visit.

Cash payments and insurance co-payments are requested at the time of service and patient balance is due by the end of the week. All insurance billing is processed electronically by an independent billing service located within the state of Washington. We accept personal checks, Visa and Mastercard credit and debit payments.

At your request, we will mail our standard patient information packet needed for the initial consultation. These forms are also provided for completion upon your arrival to our facility. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to complete the patient information.

Patients are encouraged to contact Gaitlink Chiropractic Center if there are any questions or concerns. Dr. Swanson is also available to answer questions related to the treatment he provides.

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