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The Gaitlink Chiropractic Center is located in Port Gamble, northwest of Seattle.

If you would like to set up an appointment or if you have questions about the Gaitlink chiropractic method, please contact us by phone, email, or by filling out the form below.

Phone: (360) 297-4544

Fax: (360) 297-7657


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Gaitlink Chiropractic Center
32279 Rainier Ave NE
Port Gamble, Washington

Directions from Poulsbo
Directions from Kingston

Phone: (360) 297-4544

Monday: 9am-12:30pm; 2:30-5:30pm
Tuesday: 9am-1pm; 2:30-5:30pm
Wednesday: 9am-1pm; 2:30-5:30pm
Thursday: 9am-1pm
Closed Friday-Sunday