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Your first visit 

Your initial visit to our Kitsap Chiropractic Center will consist of a comprehensive consultation, an orthopedic and neurological examination including motion assessment and a motion palpation analysis of your spinal column, and an overview of the Gaitlink method so you know what to expect from future visits. You are encouraged to bring your spouse or a relative to this meeting so they may better understand our treatment procedure.   Treatment will begin on this visit. If previous x-rays are available, please bring them as well. 

This first visit, Dr. Swanson will adjust the joints in your right foot and ankle. Expect about an hour for this visit.

Following visits 

The full Gaitlink protocol requires a total of 27 visits, each with a focus on a specific part of your body. Once treatment is complete, most patients will not need further chiropractic treatment for the rest of their lives.  

 You will start with your right foot on your first visit, your right knee on your second, your right hip on your third, and so-on through the pattern of force created by our gait when we walk. Dr. Swanson will test the flexibility of your spine, perform a specific extremity (foot, knee, elbow, etc) adjustment, and then re-test your spine. Each of these visits is quite short and can be done on following days or following weeks. Visits may also be months apart and not influence outcomes.  

The Gaitlink method restores the precise normal functions within each individual extremity in a specific order, causing the muscles and joints of the spine to relax themselves—even though the spine is never adjusted directly. Treatments are quite gentle, and unlike many chiropractic adjustments, require very little force.

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Thanks to Gaitlink I was able to start running again after a 25 year break due to chronic pain. After less than 4 weeks of running I ran my first 5k in Seattle.

Crystal A.

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