Our greatest joy is when we can help our patients get free from pain and return to the things they love to do. Below are some stories of how the Gaitlink Method has brought function back to peoples’ lives. 

“I’d recently completed the Pacific Crest Trail and developed a nerve issue which consumed my left leg in activity-reducing pain. I’d gone from hiking 30+mile days to not being able to walk ¼ mile without significant nerve pain. Getting adjusted at another chiropractor did nothing. Talking to Andy, I was intrigued but skeptical– “if it’s such a great method, why aren’t other’s doing it?” Something told me to have faith and I allowed my intuition to overtake my analytical nature. So glad I did. I was halfway through the 27 steps before the results began. When the relief came, it stayed. Soon after, the nerve issue rapidly went away to the point where I was able to resume 10+ mile hikes on consecutive days and then run for over an hour at a time. I recommend this method and I trust Andy-he is genuine and the method he uses is inspired.” 

-Abel “bonus miles” Rojas

 “Dr. Swanson has developed a phenomenal treatment that really works! I have tried many chiropractors but have never successfully healed until now. My lower back pain has been gone for 2 years and most recently, I have been relieved of the osteoarthritis pain in my hips! I have the utmost regard for Dr. Swanson and wish him and his great concept continued success!” 


“I am almost 2/3 through Dr. Swanson’s 27 step process. I do believe the adjustments have helped me in several ways. As a middle-aged woman, my experiences have left me with a few areas of concern regarding skeletal alignment. The pain of arthritis in my foot is now gone, the tension from whiplash injuries is much lessened, the damage to my knee is less so that I no longer limp, and I have better circulation in my arms and hands. I am most grateful to find relief and very excited to complete the process. Many thanks for Dr. Swanson’s gentle nudging adjustments and his willingness to accept me without insurance and a low-income status.”


“Having had chiropractic treatments for over thirty six years and received relief along with the growing knowledge that it is better to get to “know” your body and to listen to your body rather than anesthetize, I am definitely sure that I have found a very powerful modality that aids and teaches me about the caring connection of Dr. Swanson’s technique of chiropractic. He is a healer, a teacher, insightful and knowledgeable of the most proper cure of the human anatomy. One would be wise to listen to his or her body with the knowledge that Dr. Swanson imparts to you during treatment.”


Many years ago, I suffered from a painful whiplash injury. My neck was always in such pain during my dental cleanings that I required a special neck support pillow during the process. I also needed to get up halfway through the cleaning to stretch and relax my neck. Even doing these things, my neck would go out of alignment afterward, requiring chiropractic adjustment. I recently had a dental appointment after completing the Gaitlink series and was amazed and thrilled to find that I no longer needed the support pillow! I had no need to get up halfway through the appointment and my neck stayed in alignment, so I didn’t need a chiropractic adjustment afterwards. My dental hygienist was shocked at the difference and told me, “you’d better tell your chiropractor! This is SO AMAZING. This is a first for you!” Thanks, Dr. Swanson!!


“In March of 2016 I fell on a concrete patio. A large lump on my head, bruising on my right clavicle and a great deal of pain in my lower back were the results. I’d had Dr. Swanson’s number for over a year and now was the time to make the call! I had not been told by the friend who gave me his number just what to expect from this meeting. I was amazed and intrigued by the “system” that Dr. Swanson used. In a lot of pain in the lower back, I was ready to try anything. I have never felt this good, ever. The first thing I noticed was less back pain. When I went to work out in the garden…weeding on my hands and knees, there was not a problem, as there had never been, BUT when I stood up and took a couple steps, I happily realized that my back had no pain and it was so easy to stand up straight. After another treatment on my right knee, which I’d had a problem with since the 8th grade (I’m 71), the problem was completely gone and has never returned. Before the treatment there was a bone on the inside of the right knee that I could literally put my thumb under. No longer! There is no pain with the treatments and I have never been so free of pain. This treatment is incredible and I have given the doctor’s name to many. My husband also sees Dr. Swanson. He has multiple myeloma and he now also feels so much better. Dr. Swanson even communicates with his oncologist to make sure he does no harm to Robert. Wonderful-wonderful treatment.

-Laurie Painter

“The procedures are explained, questions are answered. It’s a gentle approach, as opposed to other chiropractors I’ve been to and joint and muscle pains are less now. With less pain I feel like doing more and my general overall health has improved. My wife’s results have been similar. Her lower back pain is gone and she is more flexible. We are both happy with the results and have recommended these treatments to friends and relatives.”


“Gaitlink has helped me tremendously. I have seen several chiropractors and have to say that no other chiropractic treatment has helped me as much as Gaitlink. I had been living with chronic neck pain for years. Many, many years where I would have headaches and sometimes, migraines. Since I have been receiving Gaitlink treatments the headaches are gone and I have not had a migraine either. I recommend Gaitlink Chiropractic Center to all my clients and to many of my friends. Thank you so much!”